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Distance Education with a Difference…

Its not only about degree or certificate but more about knowledge and skill development.


  • Courses

    6 to 12 months

  • Eligibility

    Grad. / Diploma Holder with work Exp.

About Course

Human Resource Management is designed to provide trainees with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to work as human resource officers. It deals with how to manage people or employees in the organization.

Here at Kazian School of Management, we make sure to help our students to achieve their career growth in the field of HR Management and offer Distance Education with a Difference…It’s not only about degree or certificate but more about knowledge and skill development.

Distance Education as we have always heard about has a little resistance in the market as it lacks the learning approach and concentrates more on Degree & Certificate… while they need in today’s corporate world is Skill and Knowledge.

Reasons for the importance of skills development in a globalized economy

  • Firstly, globalization is leading to increasing international standardization of educational challenges and systems.
  • Second, international organizations increasingly emphasize a largely common program of competence development and lifelong learning.
  • Third, the widespread adoption of international conventions that form the normative basis for the competencies.

Course Objective

Skill Development and creating Core competence regarding the subject is the main objective. We intend to offer intensive knowledge and skill enhancement in minimum possible duration, as working professionals are most fudged about time. We will offer students Ebooks in interactive Flash formats, PPT with Audio, 10 hours of Recorded Lectures, more than 500+ Quizzes, as well as 8 Live Webinars to accomplish the goal of overall development and enhance the knowledge base.

Short Duration

“Great!!!!! It’s just 4 months and I will have Certification” the most common verdict when professional hears about our short duration skill development program. The most important feature of the program is its short duration. Often Professional enrolls in program and vanishes as they find it difficult to cope with study and work pressure for a long period of time like one or two years. Professional always looks forward for program with more learning and development in less duration which gives impact.

Course Structure

  • Personnel Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Labour Law
  • Human Rights and Policies
  • Accounting
  • Training and Development
  • Corporate HRM










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